News 2018

17/12 Antefa´s Zmeagol FinJW-18 and BM-3 at Finnish Winner Show
16/12 Antefa´s Zmeagol HeJW-18 and BM-2, Antefa´s Zaphir HeJW-18 at Helsinkki Winner show
9/12 Antefa´s Zaphir SeJW-18 and BB-3, Antefa´s Xerox BM-2 at Swedish Winner show.
13/11 Antefa´s Xerox 1 prize in blood tracking, Sweden
28/10 Antefa´s Umbrah BIS-4 veteran, Norway
27/10 Antefa´s Zafari at Anharbn BOB puppy, Midland counties, UK

14/10 Antefa´s Zphinx BOB puppy at European winner show, EDS, Poland
15/10 Antefa´s Zilmarillion BIS puppy at Sw.Sighthound specialty, Enkoping Sweden
15/10 Antefa´s Xerox BOS at Sw.Sighthoundspecialtuy, Enkoping Sweden

7/10 Antefa´s Wasabi winner of Sw.Pharaoh Lure Coursing Derby 2018, Katrineholm Sweden
7/10 Antefa´s Xerox #3 at Sw.Pharaohound Lure Coursing Derby 2018, Katrineholm Sweden
30/9 Antefa´s Xerox BOB, Antefa´s Wasabi #4, Antefa´s Yosofin #10 at Lure Coursing,Torne Sweden
8/9 Antefa´s Zilmarillion BOB puppy at Sw.Sighthoundspecialty, Tanga Hed Sweden
8/9 Antefa´s Zmeagol BOB puppy, KC Gimo Sweden
8/9 Antefa´s Xerox
26/8 Antefa´s Xerox BOB,. KC Gotland Sweden
25/8 Antefa´s Xerox BOB BOG-3, KC Gotland Sweden
19/8 Antefa´s Zmeagol BIS-2 puppy, KC Norrkoping Sweden
18/8 Antefa´s Xerox BOS, Antefa´s Yosofin BB-3, KC Eskilstuna Sweden
12/8 Antefa´s Xerox World Winner 2018 in Amsterdam Netherlands

10/8 Antefa´s Xerox BOS at Euro Sighthound Show 2018, Amsterdam Netherlands
8/8 Antefa´s Xerox BOB KC Svenstavik Sweden
7/8 Antefa´s Xerox BOB BIS-4, Antefa´s Yassassin BOS CAC, Antefa´s Zmeagol BIS-3 puppy, Sighthoundspecialty Svenstavik Sweden
7/8 Antefa´s Zphinx BOB puppy at her first show in Poland
6/8 Antefa´s Xperiah on Reedly Road BOS at Donaueschingen Sighthound festival, Germany
4/8 Antefa´s Xperiah on Reedly Road BOB and Donaueschinger Winner-2018, Germany
29/7 Antefa´s Zmeagol BIS-1 puppy at Skokloster Summer Show, Sweden
30/7 Antefa´s Zmeagol BOB puppy Swedish Pharaoh hound specialty, Skokloster Summer Show, Sweden
14/7 Antefa´s Wasabi BOB , Antefa´s Xerox #2 CAC Lure Coursing Avesta Sweden
22/6 Antefa´s Xerox Gold medal at European Lure Coursing Championship, Antefa´s  Wasabi #5 , Denmark

17/6 Antefa´s Xerox BOB, Antefa´s Yosofin BB-2, Swedish Pharaoh hound Specialty, Tanga Hed Sweden
16/6 Antefa´s Xerox BOB Antefa´s Yosofin BOS Swedish Sighthound Specialty , Tanga Hed Sweden
5/6 Antefa´s Xerox BIS-R , Antefa´s Yosofin BB-2 Pharaoh hound Club of England Golden Jubile´ Show, England
27/5 Antefa´s Yosofin BB-2 CAC Swedish Champion title, KC Gimo Sweden
14/5 Antefa´s Wasabi BOB, Antefa´s Xerox #2 CAC, Antefa´s Yosofin #4 , Lure Coursing Katrineholm, Sweden
2/5 Antefa´s Xperiah on Reedly Road BOB Lure Coursing, Russia
15/4 Antefa´s Xerox #2 Lure Coursing Hovdala Sweden